IVNVI Forensics Society

Executive Team | 2016-2017


Queenie He

Hey everyone! I’m a third year student studying forensics and biology! (Swerving from math of any type as much as I can). As President, I will be bringing the skills I’ve learned from being Vice President last year, and as a First Year Rep before, onto the table to expand our society and get students more involved! My goal is to be the bridge for students between Forensic Science and pretty much having a life outside of school! 

Other things about me is that I am an avid K-popper and if you want to know which groups I fan about or which dramas I’m frantically trying to catch up in my spare time, don’t be afraid to say hi and strike up a conversation with me! 

As always, feel free to send us an email or come by our office hours if you have any questions/comments/concerns. Thank you to everyone in the society for supporting us!

Nick Lowe

Hey everyone! I'm currently a second year student enrolled in a Forensic Biology Specialist. I am also an FSG leader for First Year Physics this year! People have told me that I have that face that make them swear they've seen me before, so if you think you see me, don't be shy, say hello! 

As one of last years Year Representatives, I am already familiar with much of what people are looking for in this society, and I will use that as your Vice President for this academic year to make it an enjoyable one! As we are all students, my primary role is to assist my fellow executives and provide support in any way I can during the busy times. I also try to connect with forensic students both in the society and out and relay to the other executives about how we can improve what we are doing! Can't wait to meet you this year!

Grace Gao


Hi everyone! I’m Grace and currently in my 3rd year in the Forensic Biology Specialist program! I love both law and science, and being able to integrate both areas in my subject of study. I’m excited to be part of the Forensics Society this upcoming year and I am looking forward to planning and organizing the many exciting events taking place this year. 

My hope is to bridge the gap between societies and members in order to spark interest and get students to become more involved! We’re continuously thinking of new ways to expand our network and increase student engagement. Feel free to shoot me a question or come say hi! I look forward to meeting all of you!



Sukarminar Singh Shankar

Advertising Director

Hi Forensically Fabulous Friends! I am Sukarmina Singh Shankar, a second year student and your Advertising Director for this year. :^)

I hope to reach out through social media to all students in the Forensics program, so that we can continue to build a stronger community. I look forward to your feedback and ideas to make my role more effective. 

If you have any comments/concerns/confessions/hypotheses/thesis ideas feel free to email or message me.

E-mail: [email protected] Instagram: sukarmina.s.s

Matthew Woo


Hey everyone! I'm a currently a fourth year Forensic Biology Specialist student and I will be this years Treasurer. Apart from the Forensics Society, I am also part of the executive committee for the UTM tennis club. 

Other things about me are that I'm a dieheart Montreal Canadiens fan (being from Montreal) and that I'm overall just a person really into sports, whether it be the Blue Jays, Raptors, tennis, you name it! I am also an avid car enthusiast. Come visit me during my office hours to discuss any future concerns or questions you may have about upper year courses, things to look forward to or how to prepare for your upcoming undergrad years in the program! If not, still come to have a conversation with me about similar interests that you share with me! 

I have been a member for the past 2 years and have known many of the past execs. I look forward to using what I've learned from them but most of all, working hard with this amazing and devoted team of execs and year reps to ensure that we make the most out of this year. I will look to take full advantage of events from the financial standpoint as well. I look forward to getting to meet all of you!

Khriscelle Nañola

Informatics Officer

Hi everyone! My name is Khriscelle (chris-sell) and I'm a fourth year student at the University of Toronto Mississauga studying forensics, anthropology and biomedical communications. In the past I have been a part of UTM's Residence Council and the OCS Improv Team.

As last years and this years Informatics Officer, my job is to manage past tests for those exclusive members of our society and keep you all updated through our website. I look forward to having another fun filled year with all of you!

Executive Team | 2015-2016

Delia Xu | President

Hi! I'm currently a third year Forensic Biology Specialist student. As President this year, I hope to get students acquainted with the forensics field by hosting events that foster growth and learning. On the side, I am a Don with Residence Life Staff, as well as a YouTuber.

You are always welcome to ask me questions in person or by our email. I hope to make this year fun and informative for you!

Queenie He | Vice President

Hey everyone! I'm a second year student hoping to get into the Forensic Biology Specialist! (I really love biology! Not so much for math...) I will be bringing the skills I've learned as a first year rep last year onto the Vice President position this year, so that I can bring more awesome events and memories for everyone to last a lifetime! I'm a very easy going person and really easy to talk to! So, don't be shy if you see me around campus, say hi!

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to let me know as well! Thank you to everyone in this society for supporting us.

Fronde Kwan | Secretary

Hi! I'm currently a second year student in the Geography and Biology program with a big passion for Forensics. As part of an academic society, we will be working hard to organize fun events for all members. Feel free to email us or post on the Facebook group if you have any suggestions for events this year!

TBA | Advertising Director


Edman Abukar | Treasurer

Hi! My name is Edman Abukar and I am this years Treasurer. I'm in my third year studying forensic sciences and biology. Aside from being on the forensics society, I have also been apart of other organizations on campus such as Student Life, Community on Campus, and various volunteering projects on campus. 

I am looking forward to getting to know you guys at the events we host, and also working with the team to make it a great year! 

Khriscelle Nañola | Informatics Officer

Hello! My name is Khriscelle (chris-sell) and I'm currently a third year student at UTM, studying forensic anthropology and biomedical communications. Besides forensics, I also have a love for theatre and film. In the past I have been a part of the OCS Improv Team and UTM's Residence Council.

As this year's Informatics Officer, my job is to manage past tests and keep society members updated through our website. I look forward to having a fun filled year with all of you!